Welcome to Knapp Connectors… behind the scene

Knapp Connectors is part of an Austrian family owned company: Knapp GmbH, and to this day count more than 50 products ranges, created or distributed among its international agencies and partners.

The story really began with a tiny piece of biscuit connector for furniture when M. Friedrich Knapp, a passionate carpenter decided to update and improve the way he and his fellow professionals worked on wooden furniture. Though his first invention was a connector spring for which he received an award at the Exhibition of Inventions in Vienna, he designed and patented CHAMP – the biscuit connector and first connecting system to be concealed, self-tightening and demountable, to present it to Expo-Bois (a French fair for wood workers professionals) in 1985.

The following year, he founded Knapp GmbH which is still operating as an owner managed company, with branches in Germany, France and USA. Over the passing years, Knapp understood how diversification could help and make a real impact in the furniture industry. At the same time, some clients and the timber market demanded bigger, stronger and innovative connectors to fulfill an ever-growing needs and interest for the wood constructions. So did Knapp develop a new range of connectors specifically designed for house, halls, buildings and more…

As the product ranges grew, so did the company but the focus on modernization and high technicity made simple remained. For 30 + years, it has been our passion and our privilege to develop and distribute patented connectors designed to facilitate innovation within the wooden furniture and construction industries. We’ve been working on high-quality projects around the world by listening our clients and developing with them the solutions that would fit their needs.

Not only our connecting systems convince, they inspire you with the wide range of applications and we would like to offer you today, the possibility to challenge us with your idea of what the next connector should be. Our R&D program offers the possibility to design and develop the best, most efficient and innovative solution for the realization of your projects.

The process

How does the process look like?

  1. Get in touch with us and explain for what application you need a connector solution.
    There is no charge for an initial conversation.
  2. If we decide to take on the project, KNAPP will ask for an NDA agreement to be signed and create a project proposal.
  3. When both documents are signed, the inventing starts.
  4. You can decide to be featured in our platforms and send us photos or videos of the project
    (on the construction site while building up and of the result)
  5. Repeat