Connecting Systems for Wood Curtain Walls

As a manufacturer of patented connecting systems, we develop and produce high quality products that are distributed worldwide. Our connecting systems are extremely versatile as they can be used for various jobs across the board. Every connector allows a high level of prefabrication and has the CE- and Ü-Marking in accordance with the European and German certification of standards.

Our products are regularly inspected and thus guarantee maximum security for planners, architects, manufacturers, and owners. Knapp Connectors aids you in the inspiration and realization of your projects by providing the most efficient and innovative solutions.

KNAPP connectors believes in an effortless process combined with quality aesthetics in order to fulfill even the highest standards. With easy disassembly, these non-visible, self-tightening products add that perfect clean and finished look to your project.


Connector for main and secondary beam joints, up to 26 kN load-bearing


The RICON® connecting system is a unique connector for main and secondary beam joints and can be installed on beams with a width as little as 50 mm.