WALCO® V 60/80 – Wall Connector

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Product Details

WALCO® V | The connector for prefab wall up to 14 kN*

System advantages:

  • Universal – connections can be made from timber to timber, to steel and to concrete.
  • For timber widths from 80 mm upwards
  • Easy – no recess of bracket needed if the hight of the planking is 13/15 mm (the counter part screw can be recessed on the other side).
  • Effective – fast and accurate assembly on site – fully prefabricated walls are assembled without any screwing or nailing.
  • Stable from the first wall corner on
  • Saves labor – quick and easy assembly through spacious V-shaped bracket.
  • Unique – screws are screwed directly in the component with or without interlayer
  • Flexible – assembly to the last wall and even interior walls.
  • Adjustable and esthetically pleasing – connectors are recessed and therfore not visible when assembled. Screws can be readjusted in perpendicular direction to compensate building tolerances e.g. for seals and gaskets.
  • ETA certified (even for hardwood).

*KS = Hex-head screw, VK= collar bolt holding screw, EH=Adjustable retaining screw, GH=Retaining spring holding screw