///WALCO® V 60/80 – Wall Connector

WALCO® V 60/80 – Wall Connector

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The WALCO® V wall connector set consists of a “dovetail” shaped hot-dip galvanized bracket and a specially shaped counterpart screw. An optional lock can be installed to latch the connection against the slide-in direction. Prefabricated walls can be connected to each other within just few minutes. Assembly is made simple through the spacious V-shaped bracket and only needs a 35 mm (1 ½ inch) distance to engage the screw with the bracket. WALCO® V is available in two sizes (60 and 80), and each size in four different kinds (KS, VK, EH, GH*).

  • Universal – connections can be made from timber to timber, to steel and to concrete.
  • Easy – no recess of bracket needed if the height of the planking is 13/15 mm (the counterpart screw can be recessed on the opposite side).
  • Effective – fast and accurate assembly on site – fully prefabricated walls are assembled without any screwing or nailing.
  • Stable – from the first wall corner on.
  • Saves labor – quick and easy assembly through spacious V-shaped bracket.
  • Unique – screws are screwed directly in the component with or without interlayer.
  • Flexible – assembly to the last wall and even interior walls.
  • Adjustable and aesthetically pleasing – connectors are recessed and therefore not visible when assembled. Screws can be readjusted in perpendicular direction to compensate building tolerances e.g. for seals and gaskets.
  • ETA certified (even for hardwood).

*KS = Hex-head screw, VK= collar bolt holding screw, EH=Adjustable retaining screw, GH=Retaining spring holding screw

Version slot-hole

WALCO® V wall connector with slot-hole for prefabricated walls.

WALCO® V wall connector with slot-hole for prefabricated walls. The WALCO® V Slot-hole connector is used for the joining of prefabricated walls made of timber, or CLT wall / main beams. Connections can be from timber to timber, as well as to steel and concrete.

Just like the tried and tested KNAPP® WALCO wall connectors, the new version, WALCO® V Slot-hole, enables a load -bearing to be installed perpendicular to the direction of insertion (wind load), as well as to pull- direction, and can also be installed on intermediate layers. The connector allows fast and precise assembly on site with a high level of safety. The new version of the wall connector is designed for even easier installation. It can be fastened with only two screws and accommodate a positioning tolerance of up to 15 mm in height and +/- 2 mm in width.

The wall connectors are available in two versions, one with collar screw (KS) with integrated washer, and one with a screwed collar bolt (VK) and self-tapping countersunk head screw.

The WALCO® V connector allows a maximum optimization of prefabrication by making it possible to pre-fabricate the walls in the workshop and easily assemble the building on site by joining the walls in a dove-tail like manner, all while saving labor. WALCO® V Slot-hole is available in all sizes (60 and 80) and in each version (KS, VK *).  * KS = collar screw, VK = screwed collar bolt.


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Charact. loads [C24] F2,Rk*

*All the characteristic values contribute in the insertion direction and refer to the wood species pinewood C24 (S 10) and are taken out of the European Technical Approval (ETA-10/0189).

3,9 kN
with collar bolt holding screw

5,1 kN
with retaining holding screw

5,9 kN
with collar bolt

6,5 kN
with retaining spring holding screw

5,9 kN
with collar bolt holding screw

6,7 kN
with retaining holding screw

7,1 kN
with collar bolt

13,7 kN
with retaining spring holding screw