UNO 30 – Stainless Steel, Hook Connector

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The UNO 30 connector consists of a round stainless steel bracket with a V-shaped receiver socket

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The UNO 30 connector set consists of a round stainless steel bracket with a V-shaped receiver socket and a CS-screw, including a washer. Easy and fast assembly is guaranteed, as the generously V-shaped receiver socket receives the SK-screw head when mounted. Optionally, a lock, made out of spring steel, can be added to latch the connector. Because of the bracket’s round shape, it can be easily fitted into a 30 mm / 7 mm borehole or a 30 mm / 7mm milled rebate. As the SK-screw is mounted to the component, the washer is there to perfectly set it to the right height to fit perfectly in the bracket, while still giving the ability to adjust in order to compensate any differences in dimensions. The UNO 30 is designed to hold screws with a 5-6 mm head and serves a vast amount of versatile applications.

  • Simple and fast – snap in place
  • Concealed – not visible
  • Self-tightening – through “dovetail” principle
  • Safe – latch the connection
  • Flexible – used for versatile applications
  • Strong – holds up to 150kg/1.5 kN

The UNO 30 can be used for applications such as interior wall panels, baseboards, moldings, handrails and much more. There is truly no end to the versatile applications that the UNO 30 can be used for.

The UNO 30 is used in most cases for wood to wood components. However, it also can be used with normal dowels and that way opens up applications to fasten components to bricks, stones, concrete, dry walls, etc.

stainless steel
Connector type
Hook connector
By screwing with the supplied PH-screws Ø = 3 mm, only 7 mm mounting depth
Concealed, self-locking, lockable connector for 30 mm holes
With TCT-router Ø = 30 mm (Adjustable depth stop) and drilling-jig, counter with grains mark, drill, and screw
Suitable materials
All wood and plastic materials
For facades, paneling and panels, infill spaces for wall, for handrails and mounting (Used with or without lock)




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