SUNNY Biscuit Connector

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The SUNNY biscuit is a #20 plastic slide connector with integrated locking tabs, which can be used in all wood materials. The two identical connector halves are simply knocked into the biscuit slot with a hammer. The patented cutting edges hold the connector in the groove, even without any gluing. Simply slide the connector halves into each other to carry out the assembly


Sunny #20 knock-in slide connector made of plastic

Glued with KNAPP®Glue PU+ and immediately load-bearing sliding connector.

SUNNY is a universal plastic connector, which can be used in all wood materials. The two identical connector halves are simply punched into the half-moon groove with the hammer. The patented cutting edges intersect in the material in the longitudinal direction and securely hold the connector in the groove, even without any gluing. Inserting and then sliding the connector halves into each other carries out the assembly. When components are connected, they can be loaded immediately and further processed. The SUNNY connector is suitable for all kinds of connections, especially for the gluing of miter joints. The connector is self-tightening, non-visible and does not require any clamping during assembly. The spring tabs engage when the connector halves are pushed together and thus prevent the cabinet or furniture parts from being displaced unintentionally during the drying of the glue.





Processing – FITTING: Place the connector with the tip at the beginning of the half-moon groove at an angle approximately equal to the rounding of the groove. Press in the direction of the groove slightly and make sure that the connector halves are inserted mirrored to each other. Use a hammer to make the SUNNY slide along the rounding of the halve-moon groove. Thus, the cutting edges intersect with the component. Make sure that the connectors at the outer ends are flush with the surface of the component. In addition, the SUNNY can be inserted with a few drops of KNAPP®Glue PU+. To assemble the parts, first, insert and then slide them in a longitudinal direction into each other. For final assembly, glue the joint before connecting the components.

Tip: this connector locks permanently – so “tests” are not possible! The pressing pressure is about 10 kg per connection (depending on the material).

For preparatory work, please refer to the general processing instructions.

Yellow fiberglass reinforced PA6 plastic
Connector type
Sliding connector
Knock-in following the radius of the cutting edges
Concealed, self-tightening connector with integrated locking
Cutting a slot with a plate joiner (Lamello biscuit # 20) and adjust the depth of the slot by using the micro-adjustment screw of the joiner according to figure T. Insert the connector without using any glue diagonally into the pre-cut slot.
Suitable materials
All softwoods and board materials without laminate surfaces
Furniture, Interior design, shopfitting, clamping device for miter joints and corners