RICON®-system single connection (EA)

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Product Details

RICON® | The connector for main and secondary beam up to 26 kN*

System advantages:

  • Applications for concealed main – secondary beam connections
  • Slim profile – timber width from 50 mm upwards
  • Universal access to all wood materials, steel or concrete
  • High degree of prefabrication – fast and exact mounting on-site
  • Elements are joint together without screwing
  • Adjustment of distance between joints and building tolerances
  • Fire resistance (DIN 4102-2) by 4-sided concealed mounting
  • Application admissible also with interlayer
  • Dismounting and remounting possible for several times
  • Increased resistance to corrosion for indoor swimming pools, riding halls, stables and agricultural buildings
  • ETA additionally with hardwood material

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