RICON®-system rampa-fitting connection (EAR)

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RICON®The connector for main and secondary beam joints up to 26 kN
The main and secondary beam joint connector RICON® consists of two identical connector plates made of steel. An optional lock can be installed to latch the connector. The RICON® is recessed and non-visible, and can be used with timber widths as little as 50 mm. RICON® is available in a single connector set and double connector set for cross joints in six sizes 60, 80, 100, 120, 140 and 160/40.

NEW and improved:

  • Better grip on the timber by means of a star-shaped embossing on the backside of the connector plate.
  • Mounting also on intermediate layers up to 26 mm (i.e. OSB).
  • Special coating for increased corrosion resistance for indoor swimming pools, riding halls, stables and farm buildings (tested).
  • Approval for off-centered glass loads up to 860 kg given by an additional reinforcing plate.
  • ETA extension for Hardwood (i.e. oak, larch, beech)
  • Concealed – connectors are recessed and non-visible.
  • Flexible – Disassembly and reassembly possible if needed.
  • High degree of prefabrication – fast and exact assembly on-site.
  • Universal – connectors can fasten timber to timber, to steel, and to concrete components.
  • Unique – can also be used for polygon façades.
  • Slim timber dimension – can be mounted on timber with thickness as little as 50mm and up to 450mm.
  • Labor efficient – no additional screwing or nailing needed when assembled on site.
  • Adjustable – can be adjusted according to joints intervals and construction tolerances.
  • Versatile – can be used for single joint and double joint applications.
  • Flexible – direction of assembly can even be from the outside towards the inside and from down upwards.
  • Safety – fire resistance according to (DIN 4102-2) by 4-sided concealed mounting (R30 ≥ 20 mm, R60 ≥ 40 mm).
  • Neutral – can be used in combination with different exterior profile systems such as RP, Schüco, MBJ, Gutmann, RAICO, Stabalux, … etc.


Construction manual

Dimensions | Processing options

Charact. load carrying capacity [C24] F2,Rk*

*Charact. load carrying capacity F2,Rk in insertion direction applies only to the use of original KNAPP® cs-screws according to ETA 10/0189. EAR = single connection with screwed insert

6,3 [kN]*

10,3 [kN]*

15,4 [kN]*
RICON 100/40 EAR

19,7 [kN]*
RICON 120/40 EAR

24,1 [kN]*
RICON 140/40 EAR

26 [kN]*
RICON 160/40 EAR