The pre-engineered RICON® S mass timber connector allows a smooth and fast joining of beams. It consists of two identical connector plates with bolts that hook into each other in a dovetail-like manner.  Simple installation with self-tapping structural screws perpendicular to the plate. KNAPP® also offers Routing Jigs for handheld router. An optional Locking clip can be installed to latch the connector. RICON® S connects timber to timber, to steel, and to concrete. The connectors can be installed fully concealed or visible and are available in two versions. With a Welded Collar Bolt (VS), and Screwed Collar Bold (VK). Both versions are available in four sizes: 140/60, 200/60, 200/80, 290/80. An additional size called RICON® S VS XL 390/80 is available with the VS version.