//Ricon® S – connector for main and secondary beam joints

Ricon® S – connector for main and secondary beam joints

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RICON® S is a main and secondary beam connector for heavy load. It consists of two identical connector plates, made of galvanized steel. The plates are screwed onto the timber, steel and / or concrete components. The components  are then joined as the plates hook into each other in a dovetail-like manner. The RICON® S is used in residential and commercial timber construction, as well as engineered timber structures.

You can meet the needed load capacity through using the appropriate amount of RICON® S CS-screws.

There are two kinds of RICON® S connectors

  1. Welded collar bolt (VS)
  2. Screwed collar bold (VK)

Both kinds are available in four sizes: 140/60, 200/60, 200/80, 290/80.

NEW and improved:

  • ETA extension for hardwood (i.e. oak, larch, beech).
  • Flexible – disassembly and reassembly possible if needed.
  • High degree of prefabrication – fast and easy assembly on site.
  • Universal – connectors for timber to timber, to steel, and to concrete joints.
  • Concealed – connectors are recessed and non-visible.
  • Simple – self-tapping screws without pre-drilling.
  • Easy – assembly made easy due to V-shaped bracket and only 3.5 cm hook way.
  • Adjustable collar bolt – can be adjusted according to joints intervals, even up to 5 mm in timber length tolerances.
  • Optional locking clip – latches the fastener against slide-in direction (e.g. wind suction forces).
  • Safety – fire resistance according to DIN 4102-2 by 4-sided concealed mounting (R30 ≥ 20 mm, R60 ≥ 40 mm).

Product Details

RICON® S | The connector for main and secondary beam up to 100 kN*

System advantages:

  • Connector for timber frame, wood frame buildings and halls
  • Timber width from 100 mm upwards
  • Universally applicable to timber, steel or concrete
  • Simple screwing without predrilling
  • Easy hooking by large V-shaping – only 3,5 cm hooking way
  • Three- and four-sided concealed connection
  • High fire resistence through three- and four-sided concealed mounting
  • Adjustable collar bolt up to 5mm length tolerance at full load capacity
  • Optional – securing against the insertion direction with clip lock
  • NEW: ETA additionally with hardwood material


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