KNAPP® ULTRA SPEED Mounting Adhesive

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KNAPP®-Adhesive Ultra Speed is a white, gap filling, not foaming glue with particulary quickly reaction time and a though elastic glue joint (Without moistening approx. 6 min, moisten with approx. 3 min) and the glue is free from solvents. Without the addition of hardness, the ULTRASPEED glue adhesive achieves the stress group D4 for wood gluing in accordance with DIN EN 204 and is free of formaldehyde.


  • elastic adhesive joint
  • Solvent-free
  • Compatible with natural stone
  • Not foaming
  • Low shrinkage
  • Particularly fast reaction time
  • Fast touch force for assembly works
  • Very good application possibilities
  • Surface can be smoothed well
  • Compensates the expansion of different materials (for example: stone, metal, concrete, brick, …)
  • Good weather resistance outdoors
  • Good UV-stability

Examples for Application: KNAPP®-connectors, CHAMP, CLIPS, KNAPP®-dowel, miniKLICK and for assembly bonding, Glass bonding in furniture and display cabinet construction, Stair construction and building trade, Skirting, laying of laminate and cable ducts, Stair construction and building trade, Glass bonding in furniture (DIN EN 1306) and display cabinet construction.

Certificates / Test reports: French VOC-Emission class A+

Instructions for use:
Apply adhesive on one side of the dry, grease- and dust-free surface to be glued.

Polyolefins (among others PE, PP) cannot be bonded without preparation, e.g. plasma- or corona treatment. If PS hard surfaces are bonded, generally we recommend using a primer.

Bonding of PVC, ABS, PC and powder-coated surfaces should only be done after pre-treatment of the bonding surfaces with the activator COSMO CL-310.110 by wiping.

Bonding of concrete, cellular concrete, sandstone and building brick should only be done after pre-treatment of the bonding surfaces with the activator COSMO CL-310.110 by brush (up to 50 ml/m²).

If non-absorbing materials are bonded (material humidity <8 %), water must be “sprayed very finely” onto the adhesive to achieve complete curing.

The workpieces must be fit together and pressed within the skinning time.

After they have been fit together, the parts must be fixed and pressed until functional strength has been reached. Remove oozing adhesive when it is fresh.

Paint the bonded workpieces only after the adhesive has cured completely; if they are painted too early, formation of paint bubbles cannot be excluded.

Bonding of materials with different longitudinal extension must be assessed regarding their long-term behavior, especially when they are exposed to fluctuating temperature ranges.

Due to the difficult definition of aluminium surfaces and qualities, we generally recommend gathering sufficient information from the supplier to prepare the planned bonding process optimally; sufficient qualification tests are required.

If stainless steel is manufactured or processed, auxiliary aids, e.g. wax, oil, etc, are often used, that usually cannot be removed by simple wiping away; it turned out that after the cleaning with solvent-based cleaning agents a clearly better bonding result will be achieved after grinding, or better sand blasting, of the surface and following cleaning with solvent.

Galvanized sheet metals must generally be protected from humidity that is permanently acting on it “formation of white rust”. In this case, it must be exclude that occurring humidity can get onto the bonding surface.

If permanent humidity impact is expected, the bonded joints/bonded surfaces must additionally be sealed/protected using a “suitable sealant”.

Powder coatings with shares of PTFE cannot be bonded reliably without pre-treatment (e. g. plasma procedure). Skinning, joining times, as well as the required press and following processing times can only be determined accurately by self-tests because they depend on material, temperature, applied quantity, air humidity, material humidity, thickness of adhesive film, press power, and other criterions. For processing, appropriate safety allowances shall be planned in addition to the specified guiding values.

Important instructions:
Only instructed personnel in specialist firms are allowed to use the product!
Our user instructions, processing guidelines, product- and performance data, and other technical statements are only general directives; they describe only the condition of our products (values, determination of values on the date of completion) and the performances do not represent a warranty in the sense of § 443 BGB. Because of the wide variety of applications of the individual product and the relevant special conditions (e. g. processing parameters, material characteristics, etc.), it is up to the user to test it itself; our free expert advice for application provided in
speech, writing, and as test is nonbinding.

Product details

310 ml

Apply adhesive on one side of the dry, grease- and dust-free surface to be glued.

Water-resistant, easy to use, one-component no aid hardening polymer adhesive for an environmentally friendly processing. Waterproof, according to EN 204 class D4.

Apply ULTRA SPEED on one side, does not swell during curing, Film fonnation time dry : approx. 6 min, Film fonnation time, wet: approx. 3,8 min, functional hardness from 20 min (+20°C temperature), processing temperature at least +10°C, application quantity 150g/m2, wood humidity: 8-14%, Adhesive samples recomended.

Choice of materials
Various wood materials, Bonding of concrete, cellular concrete, sandstone and building brick should only be done after pre-treatment of the bonding surfaces.

From furniture to window construction for fine surfaces.