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KNAPP®-Dowel Starter Kit

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The KNAPP®-Dowel is a strong and durable self-holding plastic dowel available in 6×28 mm and 8×36 mm. Get your Starter Kit today. KNAPP-Adhesive PU+ included!

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KNAPP®-Dowel Starter Kit

  • 150x KNAPP-Dowel 6 mm
  • 150x KNAPP-Dowel 8 mm
  • 1x KNAPP-Adhesive PU+


KNAPP Adhesive PU+ Included!

KNAPP®-Adhesive PU+ Sample Pack


          • Our KNAPP Adhesive PU+ is a strong and durable one-component polyurethane adhesive that bonds virtually everything.
          • This can be used with the KNAPP-Dowel as well as the TUCK Spring Steel Compression Dowel.


KNAPP®-Dowel self-tightening plastic dowel

The KNAPP®-Dowel is a strong and durable self-holding plastic dowel connector available in 6×28 mm and 8×36 mm. Consists of high-strength weather-resistant (POM) plastic and gripping itself into the borehole due to its special design of threaded ribs and lengthwise groove, hence, no clamping of the workpiece needed. Unlike conventional wooden dowels, it has the option to be used with or without adhesive. If used with the recommended KNAPP®-Adhesive PU+ (Z011/1) the lengthwise grooves and two holes ensure an optimal distribution of the glue and a firm anchoring in the material, hence creating a strong and tight connection between the components when hardened.

Features and Benefits:

  • Design – the threaded ribs, lengthwise groove, and holes on both ends ensure:
    • a strong anchoring in the material, hence depending on the applications and conditions it can be used with or without adhesive.
    • optimal distribution of adhesive and prevent bulging of i.e. chipboards due to the swelling of wooden dowel.
    • fast manufacturing as there is no clamping needed and immediately load-bearing especially beneficial for an automated manufacturing process.
  •  Material – high-quality polyacetal (POM) plastic, thus no shrinking and swelling
    • no opening of the joint due to shrinkage and swelling behavior, even when exposed to the environmental humidity changes.
    • weather resistant, thus suitable for outside applications.
    • guaranteed quality no risk of breakage and cracking with our dowel connector, as opposed to hardwood dowels (beech dowels, etc.)
    • does not rot as opposed to wooden dowels


  • KNAPP®-Dowels work very well for dowel machines, and therefore, we recommend simple white glue (for example PVAc) for easy and simple cleaning of the machines.
  • Not recommended to combine with wooden dowels
  • Recommended to use with KNAPP®-Adhesive PU+ (Z011/1)
  • The KNAPP-Dowel can be processed within 7-10 minutes when using KNAPP-Adhesive PU+


  • Case goods and architectural millwork for any material where normal dowels are used
  • Suited for outside use
  • Windows and doors
  • Especially popular for millwork on boats and areas of high humidity → due to it being lighter than a wooden dowel.



Polyacetal (POM) – weather-resistant plastic dowel.


Knock-in, optionally gluing with KNAPP®-ADHESIVE PU+.


UV-resistant, self-tightening dowel.


Doweling jig, doweling joiner, automatic dowel insertion machine.

Suitable materials

All kinds of wood materials (sol