KNAPP® DOWEL selftightening plastic dowel

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  • Strong – joint can be loaded immediately after assembly, as the transverse grooves increase the strength.
  • Fast – absolutely no clamping/pressing times (important for automatic dowel manufacturing).
  • Self-tightening – the threads on the dowel ensure a strong hold until the glue is hardened.
  • Efficient – as opposed to conventional dowel and glue methods, the longitudinal grooves on the KNAPP-Dowel assure the optimum distribution of the glue in the borehole and prevent bulging of i.e. chipboards due to the swelling of the glue.
  • Robust – no opening of the joint due to shrinkage and swelling behavior, even when exposed to the environmental humidity changes.
  • Quality – guaranteed quality – no risk of breakage and cracking, as opposed to hardwood dowels (beech dowels, etc.)
  • Weather resistant – connection for inside and outside application.
  • Stable – highly loadable, especially in combination with KNAPP®-Glue PU+
  • Safe – the transverse grooves increase the holding force in the borehole – it provides space for the glue in between the dowel and the inner wall of the borehole – secure and immediate fixation and positioning of the components until the glue is hardened.
  • Clean – for automated dowel machines, we recommend simple white glue (for example PVAc) for easy and simple cleaning of the machines.
  • Automatic processing – KNAPP-Dowels work very well for automatic processing.

Knock in, optionally gluing with KNAPP®-ADHESIVE PU+.


UV-resistant, self-tightening dowel.


Dowel-jig, power drill, dowel inserting machine.

Suitable materials

All kinds of wood materials (solid and composite materials).


Carcase furniture, interior design, windows, shopfitting.



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Note for CNC machining centers and insertion of the KNAPP®-Dowels:

  • The depth of the total borehole should be 32 – 36 mm for the 6 mm dowel (Art. #066) and 42 – 45 mm for the 8 mm dowel (Art. #K067). The selected larger drilling depth ensures optimum distribution of the glue throughout the borehole. These total depths apply to both components that get connected.
  • When used with a CNC machining center, the opposite drill hole should be chamfered 0.5 – 1 mm for better insertion of the dowel.
  • In case you are using an automatic dosing device, the glue quantity can be set optimally for the entire borehole space by means of the dosing setting. An optimum distribution of the glue is ensured.
  • When using our dowel with a CNC machining center, we recommend using PVAc white glue. An optimal dosage is easily set via the system. It also ensures an easy cleaning of the system.
  • Tip: for 600 mm (material length) up to 6 KNAPP®-DÜBEL are recommended, depending on the material. Do not mix with hardwood dowels because of the differences in accuracy.
  • Tip: For preparation work, please refer to the general instructions.



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