GIGANT – connectors for main and secondary beam structures

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GIGANT | The connector for main and secondary beam up to 29,8 kN*

System advantages:

      • Highly loadable – in all directions
      • Timber width from 60 mm upwards
      • Short hooking way – applications for porch, pergola, sun room and prefabricated house construction
      • Joint sealant – self-tightening by permanent pressure
      • Fire resistance (DIN 4102-2) by 4-sided concealed mounting (R30 ≥ 20 mm, R60 ≥ 40 mm)
      • Optional locking clip – saves against the hooking direction (e.g. wind suction)
      • Dismounting and remounting possible for several times

Corrosion resistance:
Special coatings on request (e.g. near the sea).