FIXclip Profile

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The FIXclip-Profile is the first and only fastening system to enable fastening and sealing in one operation. It saves assembly time and convinces with its special profile geometry.

The FIXclip-Profile is made of UV and weather resistant plastic and is available in the three versions, GLE 18, GLE 20 or GLE 20 with a separate wedge seal.

  • Fastening and sealing in one operation.
  • Cost effective – reducing labor.
  • The perfect look – no visible fasteners
  • Simple snapping on of the glazing bead.
  • Safe – eliminates damage of glass pane that otherwise occurs due to misplacement of shooting nails.
  • Flexible – mounting can be done at manufacturing and/or on site.
  • Tested – meets all the requirements.
  • Fast mounting of the profile with screws or nails.
  • GLE20 Plus – with separate wedge seal for easy and fast mounting directly on the construction site
  • GLE20 Plus – easy to remove / disassembly possible if needed.
  • GLE20 Plus – suitable for both wedge sealing and wet sealing.
  • High quality material properties – elastic, can be nailed, UV and weather resistant, resistant to varnishes, glazes and cleaning detergents
  • For wood windows and wood-aluminum windows, as well as fixed glazing of windows and doors.

Art.No. K655/K656

Universal milling cutter for FIXclip-Profile GLE18 (for Art.No. K079) and GLE20 (for Art.No. K086), FIXclip-Profile GLE20 plus (for Art.No. K088) and FIXclip GLE20 plus (for Art.No. K025)
1 Pc. 271,00 Euro

Art.No. Z088
Scissors for FIXclip-Profile (for GLE 18, GLE20 and GLE20 Plus)
1 Pc. 299,00 Euro

Art.No. Z085
Mounting tool for FIXclip-Profile
1 Pc. 29,00 Euro

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FIXclip-Schiene GLE18, FIXclip-Schiene GLE20, FIXclip-Schiene GLE20 Plus, Keildichtung für FIXclip-Schiene GLE20 Plus

The FIXclip-Bar is shipped by default at 6 meter rods.
By nailing 1,2×25 mm (head diameter 2 mm) or screwing with PH-screw 3×25 mm.
Invisible fixing of glass and glazing beads, removable without damage, tested for wind load Class C5 (EN 12210) and shock resistance Class 3 (EN 13049).
Processing options
With spindle moulder and cutting saw blade.
Suitable materials
Glass profiles, sectional strip made of solid wood and composite materials.
For glazing of doors and windows.

Fenstereck | StandardConventionally glass bar attached with exposed nails.Fenstereck | FIXclip-Schiene

New method with FIXclip-Profile (no visible nails and tight joint)