DUO-System Frame – Connectors

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The DUO-System is strategically engineered for fast processing, while maintaining a design of traditional frame joints in furniture making. The DUO-System is simple and easy-to-use, even for the end user.

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The DUO SYSTEM provides the optical qualities of traditional frame joins, while being engineered in an innovative manner for fast processing and application. For example, the DUO 100/15 is an ideal frame connector for beds, and, like all KNAPP connectors, is non-visible, can be disassembled, self-tightening. It is so quick and easy to assemble that even the end user can do it. Beds made with the DUO 100/15 provide the perfect finished look with no visible fastener parts.
The wood component can shrink and swell, while the joint can be adjusted and re-tightened via the screws of the fastener.

  • Non-visible – concealed, self-tightening column and beam connectors.
  • User friendly – disassembly possible if needed.
  • Self-tightening – through adjusting of the screws.
  • Efficient – high degree of pre-manufacturing.
  • Simple transport – components can be transported and simply assembled on site.
  • Fast – efficient and very good to use in production line manufacturing.
  • Safe – tested by HFA (Holzforschung Austria).
  • Adjustable – the connector can be adjusted as needed.

DUO 26/26

DUO 46/15

DUO 62/15

DUO 100/15

DUO 46/30

DUO 62/30

DUO 90/20

DUO 90/46

By screwing with CS-screws Ø 5 mm or Ø 6 mm (Length as required) and PH-screws Ø 5 mm or Ø 6 mm
Concealed, self locking, by adjustable screw connector, for frame connections
With CNC-Machine, Long hole drilling machine, Hand router
Suitable materials
All solid and plywood materials from 21 mm
Frame connections for furniture, stairs and Stand construction to Interior design

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DUO 46/15, DUO 62/15, DUO 100/15, DUO 46/30, DUO 62/30, DUO 26/26, DUO 90/20, DUO 90/46

Furniture and interior design


Folded plate staircase


Construction manual

Load values

The load value refers to the transverse force in the insertion direction.
Details of the stress values are of the certificate of Holzforschung Austria from 02.11.2000 and the current KNAPP catalogs.
In DUO systems are commercially CS-screws (5×40, 5×60, 6×40, 6×60 mm) according to Ö-Norm M5027 should be used.

F0 0,86 kN*
DUO 46/15
F0 0,97 kN*
DUO 26/26
F0 1,29 kN*
DUO 62/15
F0 1,30 kN*
DUO 46/30
F0 2,00 kN*
DUO 100/15
F0 2,15 kN*
DUO 62/30
F0 2,37 kN*
DUO 90/20
F0 4,35 kN*
DUO 90/46