Our solvent-free and formaldehyde-free wood glue is used for assembly bonding, glass bonding, stair construction, skirting, display cabinet construction, and laying of laminate and cables. Our wood glue is non-foaming with low shrinkage and a particularly fast reaction time. Our KNAPP Adhesive Ulta Speed, KNAPP PU+, and KNAPP PM+ compensates for the expansion of different materials, has good weather resistance outdoors, and has good UV-stability.


The KNAPP PU+ is a universal adhesive that’s versatile enough for use on multiple surfaces like wood and construction materials, ceramics, and metals. Our product is transparent, solvent-free, formaldehyde-free, and does not drip off. The KNAPP PU+ adhesives as multiple applications in furniture and interior design, such as use with other KNAPP connectors, windows, house doors, facades, gluing of conventional corner joints, and wooden staircase. Our adhesive is designed to harden quickly and evenly and easy to mount since it can be sanded when hardened.
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The KNAPP PM+ is designed as an adhesive for thick joints like bonding corner joints in window construction. This universal p