How to Install Chair Rail

How to install chair rail – What is the absolute best process and equipment for installing chair rail? First, let’s talk about the traditional method of using finish nails for chair rail installation. As you know, a finish nailer is most commonly used. However, finish nails leave behind unsightly holes and create more required time and labor to fill the holes. Consequently, you are unable to pre-paint or stain your molding until the putty dries. You also lose the perfect glass-like finish. We’re going to show you a fast and simple way to install chair rail, without sacrificing quality.

The sKLICK Dovetail Connector is a simple and fast solution for chair rail installation. The sKLICK is screwed onto the chair rail backer and simply snaps into the dovetail route on the back of your molding, consequently, tightening up the components for a seamless joint. Like all other KNAPP Connectors, the sKLICK is concealed, self-tightening, and can simply be snapped together for fast assembly, all for the benefit of reducing time, labor, and equipment cost, and most importantly, keeping the perfect look of your workpiece.

Using the sKLICK Dovetail Connector!

A great alternative to using a finish nailer