How to Install Chair Rail

Using the sKLICK Dovetail Connector!

A great alternative to using a finish nailer

The traditional method of using finish nails leaves behind unsightly holes and creates more labor, leaving you unable to pre-paint or stain your molding while keeping the perfect glass-like finish. The sKLICK Dovetail Connector is a simple and fast solution for chair rail installation. The sKLICK is screwed onto the backer and simply snaps into the dovetail route on the back of your molding, tightening up the components for a seamless joint. Like all other KNAPP Connectors, the sKLICK is concealed, self-tightening, and can simply be snapped together for fast assembly, all for the benefit of reducing time, labor, and equipment cost, while keeping the perfect look of your workpiece.

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A finish nailer is a trim carpenter’s go-to method as it comes to installing chair rail, picture frame molding, trim, etc. Finish nails are the most common way of installation but not always the best, as it entails some negatives aspects.

  • Unsightly nail holes that have to be puttied, requiring additional time and labor. You are left to trust the hands of your fellow painter to give you the perfect glass-like finish or stain in an uncontrolled environment while hoping the homeowner will not have a trained eye to see the blemishes that you yourself cringe at.
  • Splitting of the trim also makes pre-finished work obsolete and most of all, it does not allow you to install stain grade trim and keep the perfect look at the same time.
  • Hitting knots in hardwood can cause the nail to curl back out leaving you with 2 options; to break it off or to hit it in with a nail set.

The sKLICK is the solution to all of the above! Installing trim and molding is a wonderful combination of craftsmanship and art, making even the tiniest visible nailhead or blemish an eye-sore. So what other choice do you have? The fastest and most simple way of attaching chair rail, trims, and moldings is by using the sKLICK Dovetail connector.  The KLICK System allows for trims and moldings to be pre-finished and simply snapped into place, leaving no visible fastener parts or holes to putty. The route for the sKLICK is made using our custom KLICK Dovetail Router Bit giving you a strong self-tightening connection. The chair rail backer can first be attached to the wall, hiding your finish nails just behind where the chair rail will be installed. The sKLICK is then screwed on the chair rail backer, using the 3×13 Pan Head Screw provided. Simply snap your molding into place by hand. When the sKLICK is installed into the route, the dovetail puts outward pressure, pulling itself tighter into the groove for a secure joint. Consequently, this method leaves you (the craftsman) with peace of mind to deliver a superior product, while saving your time and money.

Benefits of using the sKLICK

  • Non-visible connector keeping the beautiful look of your workpiece.
  • Fast assembly by pre-cutting the dovetail groove and simply snapping your workpiece together on-site.
  • Self-tightening pulling itself into the groove, thus no clamping or glue is necessary.
  • Versatile working especially well for components with small dimensions and can be disassembled and re-assembled if needed.

The sKLICK dovetail connector is part of the KLICK-System, which also includes the KLICK and KLICKpro. For more than 20 years, KLICK-System has been one of our most versatile and popular products amongst woodworkers, cabinet makers, and architectural millworkers! It is a great alternative to using a standard finish nailer or brad nailer and is used for chair rail installation, crown molding, picture frame molding, casings, decorative molding, wall panels, and more.  The combination of sKLICK and KLICKpro is also used for inside and outside window and door casing applications, as all of the connectors are made of UV and weather resistant plastic. Alternatively, our 3×25 pan head screw can be used if a longer length is needed. With this in mind, the sKLICK can be used in combination with a wall anchor, thus broadening its use to drywall, plaster, concrete, and other materials. There is truly no end to the variety of applications of the sKLICK! Get yours today and see for yourself!

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